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The grass is always greener when it powers your world.


UP incubates renewable energy startup, BioVolt.

The BioVolt venture represents three years in research and development, from validating the business concept, market and technology viability, through scientific research and discovery, business plan creation, design engineering and prototyping.


BioVolt represents a transformative opportunity to disrupt not merely the renewable energy space, but the outmoded concept of the grid through a  non-combustion based thermoelectric reactor, rooted in proven science.


By pairing known technology and biological processes with modern IoT and blockchain enabled software, BioVolt facilitates a first of its

kind decentralized, continuous, green energy system, unlike anything currently available in market. For UP this transformative solution represented a perfect match, an opportunity to disrupt.


BioVolt is currently in the midst of design engineering and prototyping. The executive summary, research, and business plan with full financials may be furnished upon request. To get involved or learn more about the BioVolt project click the following link below.

Building a business

from the bottom up:

UP participated at every level of development of the BioVolt initiative:

1. Originating the brand name and identity.

2. Writing a full business plan from market research to financials.

3. Constructing the go to market strategy including scripting the pilot PowerUP renewable energy reality docudrama.

4. Partnering in research and development, prototyping and design engineering process.

5. IP development and patent filings.

6. Assisting in partner negotiations and team building efforts.

7. Pitch deck creation to grant writing and fund raising activities..



BioVolt Experiential Marketing


BioVolt Social Engagement

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BioVolt Immersive Ads

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