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Modernizing farm finance management from generation

to generation.

Welcome to a brave new world in ag.


We came to Case | New Holland Capital with a vision for bringing utility and value to a new generation of farmer, but one that honored the core values of doing business that transcend both time and culture.

Farming and technology today go hand in hand, in a day and age when equipment is as much a computer as machine. In this we recognized the opportunity to put new power in the hands of a generation of farmers who still take great stock in the emotional, intellectual and physical support they receive from their personal and professional relationships, but that would benefit from the real time, decision making enablement of a mobile tool that connected the farming community, their physical assets and finance all together.

Internalizing these insights, we saw an enormous opportunity for CNH Capital to provide not only great functional utility to farmers, in the way of creating a robust digital tool set that allowed them to make informed and timely business decisions on their equipment while in the field, but most importantly, integrated features that could draw together the farming community in an entirely new and powerful way.


45% migration to online processing.

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