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Growing the brand: all about monetizing the memories riders make, not merely replacing the equipment they break.

Memories Are a Motograph

The Challenge:

Off-road motorsports is an activity that has been in decline for more than a decade. This erosion is connected to a wide variety of factors ranging from loss of access to trails and wilderness areas due to environmentalist driven policy pressure to track closures, skyrocketing insurance costs and cultural shift.

This market reality has had a dramatic impact on, in spite of realizing growth in consuming available market share from competitive brands. To continue growth we needed to influence the category as a whole and raise the ceiling.


[Recapture the next generation of riders]

Motorsports is a passion handed down from one generation to another. Experiences from one’s youth largely define that individual’s view of motorsports and level of participation as an adult. This link between adult riders and kids, both within the family and beyond became a central strategic point of influence.

The strength of this link and point of influence was determined to be directly connected to the richness of those experiences and the memories they forged. Time spent around motorsports from tailgating, to Bar-B-Qing, to collaborative maintenance, and commentary on technique was equally if not as important to riders as the thrill of riding itself and especially the approval and support of adults with their kids and professional riders amongst youth.


Motorsport product brand choices were found to be equally heavily influenced by peer association and referral. Thus, the more we could enhance social interaction and richness amongst riders, the more we could influence their buying choices.

Capture and express MOTOMEMORIES and the intense emotions embedded within them — universal moments frozen in time. Demonstrate that they are tenable, tradable currency and that enables and facilitates these moments. That enriches lives, makes MOTOLIFE experiences bigger, better richer.


This is embodied in the single truth that the passion behind moto burns most brightly in our minds eye. That riders and fans alike, live vicariously through the stories locked inside these decks of three dimensional mental stills. It was our aim, to tell these stories by rewinding their lives to these moments frozen in time — a MOTOGRAPH. Your first bike. The cross country ride across the desert with your dad. Achievements. Breakdown misadventures. Mishaps. Even Injuries.



Own MOTOSPORT MOTOGRAPHS as conceptual, even programmatic IP, as well as the MOTOCYZE modicum, by creating Moto-relatable terms. The impetus was to anchor the convention to the broader association of the sport and thus be more readily adoptable.


Through this concept, identified with the values and ethos of motorsports riders. Select expressions even painted how was a part of someone's MOTOGRAPH. By mere association with the other MOTOGRAPHS these instances became de-facto peer influenced MOTOMANDATE for brand advocacy.


This idea had much longer legs than just its universal relatability. It became a contribution model driving viewers to submit their own MOTOGRAPH stories, to be shared and rated by their peers online. This was executed upon by driving to a new FaceBook tab that facilitated the submission and rating of both vlog and pictographic user submissions.

This became a further catalyst by promoting top rated MOTOGRAPHS to be included in the outbound advertising and was also assembled into an augmented reality MOTOGRAPHIC annual where augmented reality brought both the annual to life as well as linked to a digital catalogue.


The MOTOGRAPH annual was written in journalistic story form and translated photographically with available submitted stills and/or recreated scenarios. Embedded on every spread were visual cues that when viewed through a web enabled smart phone or tablet device revealed relevant products, tips, training or supporting content: static or dynamic. These "smart objects" were clickable from the device and drove to the conversion destination for each augmented visualization. Instances of the devise based visualizations were parallax multi dimensional. As the viewer moved their device the images parallaxed, causing composite layers to shift as if a three dimensional experience.


An additional connection point for this concept extended to location based, experiential marketing,

taking shape as a MOTOGRAPH augmented reality wall that traveled from location to location. A seemingly static wall displayed real moto audience MOTOGRAPH submissions in large scale stills, stitched into a giant sized, compound, modular, grid wall that when viewed from above was a giant MX. Drone footage of the experience was distributed online. When passers by held their smart phone over an individual frame the still behaved similarly to those in the MOTOGRAPHIC annual. These MOTOGRAPH story recreations could also support video playback on static images.


This concept took on a life of its own with self sustaining inertia, becoming an audience owned initiative, creating an ongoing brand dialogue wherein it evolved from MOTOGRAPH to MOTOMEME.

What in the world is a


and why did it matter?

A MOTOGRAPH was devised as a means for MS to draw upon the visualizations in which riders reflect on and value moto experiences and relationships forged over a lifetime. We transformed these into motomemes, a mode of MOTOSPEAK to MOTOFY ideas, concepts, and indelibly connect the MS brand to all riders.

MS forged the opportunity through the modicum of MOTOGRAPH to anchor all riders to a positive association with the MS brand, create a brand mechanic that was wholly ownable, untouchable or duplicable by competitors and most importantly had the potential to grow interest and awareness for the sport.


What were the program


MSÖs aim in this is to provide the context for riders to share these stories and their inherent value, build awareness of the program and MSÖs position, while simultaneously seeding a MOTOFIED language set, wholly adoptable and ownable by the audience, creating an indelible association with MOTOSPEAK and MS.

Capture rider MOTOMEMORIES and the intense emotions embedded within them. Demonstrate that they are tenable, tradable currency — that MS enables and facilitates these moments, makes MOTOLIFE experiences bigger, better, richer.

This is embodied in the single truth that the passion behind MOTO burns most brightly in our minds eye. That all riders, even those yet to become one, live vicariously through the sharing of these stories, this collection of moments — MOTOGRAPHS.

Create a wholly ownable, original market position

Increase general category interest and awareness


What was the

Institute new marketing vehicle Motographic

Collect bankable, data driven consumer insights

Leverage peer influence to propel program effectiveness

Facilitate brand dialogue and engagement

Grow MS captive audience

Leverage existing fan base to convert new leads

Grow opted in communications base

Elevate positive brand impression


Program Projection


Reach beyond existing subscriber / fan base to consideration phase audiences.

Leverage current subscriber/fan base for referral based participation.

Program Reflection


What was the 


Program Projection


Reach beyond existing subscriber / fan base to consideration phase audiences.

Leverage current subscriber/fan base for referral based participation.

Program Reflection


What was the 


In a nutshell



Seed the language set

Incentivize participation

Social shares

Organic growth



Syndication worthy content

Press worthy pickups

1. MS social and media sites such as the MS blog, Youtube channel and twitter feed can drive social value and traction feeding a Facebook tab based program destination.

2. Unique opportunity to engage with the brand in a new way: to share, be heard, even produce their own MOTOGRAPH video.

3. Provide context for content rating, incentivise shares and likes to feed inbound peer driven display ads, tweets and share or download MOTOMUSIC.


Augmented MOTOGRAPHIC annual generates bankable consumer data while growing fan base and email list

1. Produce and air MOTOGRAPH broadcast with drive to social channels to participate.

2. Plant MOTOGRAPH story stations at tracks and well traveled trail locations or MOTOGRAPH story wall at key locations. "What's your MOTOGRAPH moment?"

3. Launch peer influenced display ads and twitter feed based campaign drawing on base audience contributions to influence MOTOGRAPH story shares.

1. Content is currency — and with that, Cycle News and Moto USA as well as other media streams like RacerX and Dirt Rider will have access to publish syndication worthy MOTOGRAPH stories to provide added program reach.

2. Certain MOTOGRAPH stories could constitute philanthropic opportunities for the MS brand, transforming challenge into triumph, ordinary into extraordinary.  These drive further program exposure and catalyst positive brand impression.

3. Spin off content — making of a MOTOGRAPH or filming experiential implementations produces content of real people, not just looking at moto through the prism of pro-riders.

1. Platform for virtual catalogue content.

2. New revenue stream via ad sales to partners.

3. Stand alone, shareable value without the odious smell-of-the-sell. 

4. Incentive to engage— your story published.

5. Enhanced meta-data on riders leading to better crafted messages, marketing outreach and means to inform Motosport business decisions and focus.

6. All consideration phase outreach, paid and referral based, grows captive audience, reducing media spend, while enhancing advocacy and conversion aptitude.


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